In the World – abundance

By Pastor Sara, in In the World

Stack of One Hundred Dollar Bills U.S.

May mercy, peace, and love be yours in abundance. Jude 2

Baltimore City paid the family of Freddie Gray $6.4 million to settle the case today.  Some may say, that is certainly in abundance, with positive or negative connotations…Do you hear “That is certainly in abundance…” verses “that is certainly in abundance!”?

Today in the context of Jude, a book written to give strength and courage to Christians against those in their midst who are offering false teachings, and encouraging the followers of Jesus to be divided, I am reading scripture through the lens of today’s news stories and am again flabbergasted by social media commentary.  The terrible unkind things that were said about this grieving family and the situation.  Dividing us, instead of uniting us.  Much of commentary is devoid of mercy, peace and love.

In my experience, the legal process is a long painful process for all involved.  Even with the abundant announcement of today, I imagine this was a painful day for the Gray family.  I pray for this grieving family.  No matter who they are.  No matter what they have done.  No matter what Freddie’s past transgressions were.  No matter any of that, I pray mercy, peace and love abundantly for this grieving family today and always.