In the World – Inquire First

By Pastor Sara, in In the World

developing storyInquire first for the word of the Lord. 2 Chronicles 18:4

News is still developing today in the story of the live newscast where several people were shot and killed during a report for WDBJ-7 in Roanoke, Virginia, not too far from here. It is all so tragic.  Tragic for the families of the victims.  Tragic for the one who did this.  Tragic for his family.  Tragic for our society.  It has only been a few short hours since the events of this morning took place in Bridgwater Plaza, and since then, in my opnion, more tragedy as social media has exploded.  The number of mean, awful, hateful things that are being said on social media is appalling.  Some, in fact, from public figures that I think should know better.

My heart breaks for all of the tragedy.  I have to wonder how it would all be different if we did as the leaders did in decision making in 2 Chronicles today.  What if in all situations, for all involved, we first inquired for the word of the Lord.  What is God calling us to say or do in the midst of this tragic situation and all situations? Social media is a wonderful gift and tool, but please friends use it wisely and faithfully.  I encourage you to pause and inquire to God before you join the conversation.  I know I will try.  Prayers for all those involved.