Pathways 2 Generosity 28 Day Devotional

By Sonya Connolly, in News

Pathways to Generosity is the title for this year’s generosity initiative for the ministry support of Joy Reigns Lutheran Church.  Pathways to Generosity is about giving from a grateful heart to partner in ministry that changes people’s lives. It is not about giving to fund the church’s budget. Using The Giving Path as a model, Pathways to Generosity invites people to move along the path as they grow in their giving and deepen their faith. In the coming weeks you will be invited to go on a journey of discovery and prayer. How much should you give? That’s between you and God. Prayer should be the focus as you seek the answer to this question: “God, where do You want me to be in my giving?” Please join others from the congregation in the daily devotional and prayer practices as well as special stories from real people that you know from Joy Reigns and their own giving journeys each week.