Praise happens in a variety of ways. At Joy Reigns, you’ll discover relevant music and inspiring messages. People constantly tell us that they feel totally comfortable when they attend our church and experience praise in its truest form.

Music. Motion. Inspiration.

We work hard to create a worship experience that is interesting, enjoyable, and relevant to daily life. Hopefully, you will laugh at times and maybe feel a tug at your heart too. Music plays an important role.  It can stir things up, make the world a little better, calm us down, honor a life, or get a party started. At times, ours has done it all.


Forgiveness. Communion. Prayer.

No doubt God set aside a day for worship because He knew that after six days on our own we would need to be re-energized.  Worship provides the perfect jump-start, and it begins wtih confession. Each week, we come together as a community of believers who acknowledge our sins and receive the gift of forgiveness. That means no matter what happened the week before, we can start over again with a clean slate, refreshed and renewed through the gift of God's grace.    

Communion is a central part of our worship when we have the opportunity to experience the ancient meal that dates back to when Jesus first shared it with his followers.  It is a spiritual opportunity to deepen our faith and connect with believers around the world who have shared this extraordinary sacrament for thousands of years, a blessing that will continue into eternity.

Prayer is a conversation with God that can lift us up, calm us down, make us laugh, or inspire change. At Joy Reigns, your prayer concerns are always welcome. We pray for people we know and for those we haven't met, here in Edgewater and around the world.  

Equipped to Go.

We leave our worship service energized and ready for the minutes, days and years ahead. Equipped with faith and blessed by grace, we are sent to do God's work and to see how the Holy Spirit will touch our families and the lives of those we meet.  

Go in peace. Serve the Lord. Thanks be to God!