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Joy Reigns Lutheran Church Where everyone is welcome.

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35 Mayo Rd, Edgewater, MD 21037
Sunday Worship at 9:30 a.m.

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We exist that all may know Jesus Christ and become his fully devoted followers. Whether you’re a spiritual beginner or a long-time Christian, you’ll find a church family at Joy Reigns, where everyone is welcome. We’re a down-to-earth community of friends, breathing with energy and experiencing faith in life-changing ways.

Comfort. Support.

You’ll feel comfortable from the moment you walk in. In fact, most people tell us they feel right at home. Whether you're young or old, straight or gay, single or married, and regardless of your situation or ethnic background, you're welcome here.  We're conveniently located in Edgewater, Maryland, just a few minutes from Annapolis.

You’ll soon see that we’re a church community where everyone is involved. On a given Sunday, you’ll find the youngest members flocking to the children’s sermon, receiving a special blessing during communion, and laughing with friends in Sunday school. Middle and high school youth have lively discussion groups and ongoing service projects. Adults participate in a variety of areas including worship, communion, activities, and Bible studies.

By the way, don’t be fooled by our name. We know that joy doesn’t always reign in our lives. In fact, many days are filled with sorrow, sadness and regret. The good news is, it is often during those difficult days that we appreciate Joy Reigns the most. United by Christ and led by the spirit, we support each other through whatever life brings our way: ups and downs, health and illness, times of need, and moments of joy.

That’s how Joy Reigns. In us. Through us.

You’ll soon see that we’re a church community where everyone is involved.

Genuine. Real.

We’ve all been to a new church for the first time. It can be painful. Either people ignore you or they pounce on you like a bargain buyer on discount day. You won’t find either of those scenarios at Joy Reigns. We want to make your visit an enjoyable experience that is easy, stress-free, and relaxing.

Sunday worship is regularly held at 9:30 a.m. with a staffed nursery provided, but we welcome the little ones to join us for worship, too.  We have Sunday school for all ages immediately following worship (at 10:45) from September through May. The worship service usually lasts about an hour, and believe it or not, the time will fly. Before you leave, we hope you’ll take a moment to introduce yourself to the pastor or one of our members.

And, by the way, we have snacks—and coffee of course!

Come hungry. Leave filled. In many ways.

Informal. Friendly.

When you walk in, you’ll probably notice our greeters first. They’re people just like you who are there to say hello, answer questions, and help you get wherever you need to go. They’ll hand you a bulletin that includes “The Weekly,” a newsletter that outlines our activities, needs, community prayer concerns and more.

We usually dress informally although sometimes we’ve been known to dress up a little just for fun. How you dress is up to you. Wiggles are normal for little ones, and everyone is welcome in worship, including children.  However, if you prefer, our trained staff will welcome your children in our bright, fun-filled nursery.

Coffee is always available, so feel free to grab a cup before, during or after the service. The kids like to snag some snacks, too.

Lively. Spiritual.

The service almost always begins with some upbeat music led by our praise team, a talented group of vocalists and musicians who should really be out on tour somewhere. Yeah, they’re that good. Once the music starts, we can’t resist standing and clapping, but there are no rules there, either. If you’d rather just sit and observe, that’s perfectly fine with us. But we challenge you to sit still during "Jesus, You Are My Best Friend."

Our service typically includes prayers, confession, scripture, an inspiring message, and Holy Communion. All Christians are welcome to share in Holy Communion with us.

During the service, everything you need to know is displayed on a screen so it’s easy to follow along. We want you to experience our friendship and joy, and we pray that you will discover God’s presence and spirit in our midst.

Time. Talents.

We all have gifts to share, and you’re invited to put yours to good use at Joy Reigns. Of course, nothing is required. Yet, since all that we have comes from God, we encourage you to generously give back a portion of your time, talents and financial resources for ministry in our community.

A clipboard will circulate at the beginning of the service so you can share your name and email address. That way, we can contact you about your interests in connecting with the life and ministry of Joy Reigns. We promise not to flood you with emails or annoy you with lots of phone calls. We’d love to get to know you on terms that work for you.

We pass an offering plate during the service because those resources help us to do God’s work in the world. Some of our members give their offerings in worship, while others send theirs by mail. We understand that there are some situations in our lives when we are able to share our time and others when we can contribute financially. All of your gifts are a blessing.

We all have gifts to share, and you're invited to put yours to good use at Joy Reigns.